About Us

Crysbro, a premier poultry producer in Sri Lanka signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka (NOCSL) to launch the “EMPOWERING NEXT OLYMPIC HOPE”. 

“EMPOWERING NEXT OLYMPIC HOPE” consists of an online portal that enables the public to financially contribute via donating. This portal is not limited to the funding of individual athletes but for rural schools and sports associations as well. 

The selection of athletes, schools, and sports associations are exclusively at the discretion of NOCSL. The funds collected from the public through the online portal will be disbursed to the individuals and entities for which the donation is made. The fund disbursement process is carefully governed by the NOCSL.    

Parallel to the online portal, “EMPOWERING NEXT OLYMPIC HOPE” would sponsor twenty athletes scouted by NOCSL, with the potential to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games 2022, Asian Games 2022, Commonwealth Games 2022, and South Asian Games 2021 under the 'NOCSL-CRYSBRO Next Champ' scholarship program. The scholarship is intending to bear nutritional, transportation, coaching, accommodation, logistics (clothing, sports gears), and medical expenses required by the selected athletes during their training to grooming and develop each individual. 'NOCSL-CRYSBRO Next Champ' would also facilitate athletes with access to a combination of high-value tools and world-class mentors, and most importantly exposure for foreign training.